Pump Centrifugal Mission Magnum

Centrifugal Pump Mission Magnum has the leading positions due to finest materials, engineering and economic design. This allows to extend pump performance life. Centrifugal Pump Mission Magnum is completely interchangeable with MCM Centrifugal Pump.

One of the main features of the pump mission is the lack of so-called jet abrasion. And this result is achieved thanks to the special impeller unit, which has wider vanes. It decreases the velocity of the fluid exiting the empeller. It is worth noting that low rotation speed and increased  recycling area provide an opportunity to mix exiting fluid with re-circulated fluid. This results to minimizing of  turbulence and increases pump performance life. It is particularly crutial that pump is capable of providing uninterrupted smooth flow even when handling abrasive fluids.

Next feature is construction of shaft bearing assembly designed for heavy-duty performance. The shaft is much larger in diameter than conventional pump shafts for minimum deflection and increased operating life of the seal and packing. Advanced front and rear bearing design deduces radial and thrust loads.
Standard pumps are supplied with hard iron fluid end but can be upgraded to stainless steel, aluminum bronze. Capacity of these pumps is 2600 gal / min, while head is – 550 ft.

Features and Specifications

  • Versatile stuffing-box;
  • solid base;
  • back vanes reduce collection of solids at stuffing-box;
  • longer performance life;
  • Olympia double mechanical seal extends pump performance life
  • replaceable shaft sleeve prevents shaft wear;
  • duplex angular contact bearings eliminate shaft end play and increases bearing and seal life;
  • strong concentric casing;
  • full pipe diameter entrance for minimum turbulence and maximum efficiency;
  • single row roller bearings for increased bearing life
  • capacity is 252 l / sec;
  • Head is up to 168 m.

Centrifugal Pumps Mission Magnum are widely used for handling variety of fluids even including abrasive ones.


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