Portable aluminium gantry crane

Basic specifications

Portable aluminium gantry crane is an optimal solution  for companies, which need a significant amount of portable lifting equipment.  Possibility of movement under load is a special feature of this model.

Many companies have a need in large amount of mobile lifting equipment. Analysis of various possible mounting types shows, that PADC portable aluminium gantry crane (made in France)  is the best solution for these companies. Lightness and durability – main advantages of this gantry crane with aluminium frame. PADC gantry crane is mounted on caster wheels and can be used either for indoor or outdoor works. It can be moved on clean and smooth surface while being under  load.


  • Lightweight construction;
  • Bolt joints;
  • Easy assembling  with 8 bolts connecting frame and crossbar;
  • Mounting (man-hours): 1-3, depending on model type;
  • Easy movement and great maneuverability due to low weight;
  • Hollow crossbar;
  • Load-lifting cart is in complete set;
  • Height under the crossbar can be adjusted by 1 man;
  • Crane can be dismantled in 3 elements with folding supports;
  • Supports can be folded for transportation;
  • White polyamide wheels with 2 fixators;
  • Maximal lifting speed – 8 meters/minute

Optional complete set:

  • Polyurethane-covered wheels;
  • 2 extra wheels with fixators;
  • Non-spinning wheels;
  • Crossbar for power supply cable of the hoist;
  • Dimensions according to customer’s needs;
  • Electric or mechanical hoist



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