Cement Expansion/Shrinkage Cell Model 4268 ES

The expansion or shrinkage of oil well cement during curing can positively or negatively impact the integrity of a competed well. The Model 4268ES Cement Expansion / Shrinkage Cell is an option to a Model 5265 Static Gel Strength Analyzer (SGSA), Model 4265 Ultrasonic Cement Analyzer (UCA) or Model 4265H UCA. When combined with a precision pressure controller, the system continuously measures the expansion or shrinkage of a cement sample under high temperature and high-pressure conditions. The system measures the change in volume of the sample using a diaphragm and displacement piston combined with a precision LVDT. The resulting translation of the piston is scaled in units of milliliters (mL) or percent expansion. Test data is presented graphically by Chandler Engineering Model 5270 Data Acquisition and Control System.



The Model 4268ES Cement Expansion/Shrinkage Cell makes use of the programmable temperature controller that is a part of an existing Chandler Engineering Ultrasonic Cement Analyzer (Model 5265 or 4265). With an add-on pressure controller and Model 6265-I Intensifier, the system is capable of precise pressure control within ± 50 psi necessary for expansion or shrinkage measurement. Multiple segment ramps and dwell temperature and pressure schedules may be defined for the sample using the controllers.






- Continuous Measurement Under HPHT Conditions
- Cement Sample Isolated From the Pressurizing Media
- Single Vessel Curing to Preserve Sample Conditions and Testing Integrity
- Programmable Temperature and Precision Pressure Control
- Easy to Install and Use in Chandler Engineering Model 4265 UCA; 5265 SGSA and 4265H Horizontal UCA







Vessel Volume 200mL
Measurements ±20 mL volume change of the cement sample, sample temperature, sample pressure. Piston displacement may reach –32 mL for initial sample compression
LVDT Measurement Range ±0.500 inches /±12mm
Maximum Temperature 400°F / 204°C
Maximum Pressure 10,000 psi / 69 MPa





Power 85 – 240 VAC, 50 VA or less, 50/60 Hz (LVDT electronics and related data acquisition hardware), refer to power requirements of the specific instrument (Model 5265 SGSA or 4265 UCA)
Water Filtered pressurizing water, 20-100 psi / 140-670 kPa
Coolant Clean water or Ethylene glycol solution
Air Filtered, dry compressed air; 75-125 psi / 520-860 kPa
Drain Suitable for hot water




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