Pump Centrifugal MCM

Mud pumps are best-known for its' high-quality pumps in oil industry more that 30 years.

Manufacturer of centrifugal mud pumps MCM O'Drill offers a range of pump models which are ideal for pumping mud, waste water, sludge, etc. As the liquid composition includes complex chemical components material used for pump manufacturing are only cast iron and nonferrous metals because they are resistant to interaction with corrosive environment.


MCM mud pumps are available in three forms:


Series 118 
pump with shaft 1 1/8”
pump with shaft 1 7/8”
pump with shaft 2 1/2"



Firstly,  high quality of each unit. Centrifugal mud pumps have a high rate of wear resistance. Reliability and long service life guarantee continuous work. Secondly, high quality of components. Wearproof of pumps is determined by the quality of each component. Therefore, mud pumps have well-designed construction. The casing and impeller of pumps are reinforced in parts with increased wear. Third, the interchangeability of the centrifugal mud pumps and their spare parts. So, MCM mud pumps can be easily replaced by pumps like Mission, Harrisburg, Demco, Mattco and Halco.


  •         quality assembly
  •         reliability;
  •         wear resistance;
  •         interchangeable parts;
  •         ability to work in complex environments.


Life time of units depends on observance certain rules from manufacturer. Main warning is that the speed limit in the suction line should not exceed 3 m / sec.

To fulfill all the requirements that apply to mud pumps, you must control that liquid column height on the suction side of the pump (Net Positive Suction Head) in the system is sufficient. If this requirement is not met the air bubbles formed in the liquid flow will reduce lifetime of pump and lead to failures.

You can easily buy mud pumps in our company located in Moscow. Please contact us and we will provide you with all detailed data about technical characteristics, price and delivery time.

Moreover, we can offer to aggregate pumps with US and domestic motors as per your request.




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