COMALU Portable Aluminium Jib Crane

Basic Technical Specifications

Portable Aluminium Jib Crane COMALU – is a reliable and effective solution for load lifting that allows to improve working pace significantly.  Jib crane’s aluminium structure provides an optimal lifting capacity and simplifies working process at hardly accessible  facilities. Just one person can totally safe complete the installation of the COMALU jib crane, which consists  only of  3 elements.

Portable aluminium jib crane is able for relocation and usage at various facilities.

Standard Jib Crane’s Сomplete Set Includes:

  • Maximal lifting capacity – 500 kg.
  • Maximal length – 2 meters
  • Adjustable length – 900-2000mm.
  • 2 optional heights – (2 extenders in standard complete set)
  • Simple installation – crane consists of 3 parts
  • Overall weight – 24 kg.
  • 1 bag for transportation in standard complete set
  • Bearing-mounted crane’s spindle
  • Anodizing and powder coating
  • 2 stainless steel shackles (INOX) for fixation of a lifter or additional equipment


Optional Jib Crane’s Complete Set includes:

  • Stainless steel lifting cable (INOX); length – 1 meter
  • Extension for a crane
  • Zinc-plated lifting hoist with a bloc and stainless steel cable (INOX)
  • Men-lifting hoist with anti-fall device
  • Socket for floor and wall mounting, as well for mounting  into  concrete
Comalu габариты

Comalu c лебедкой

Portable aluminium jib crane COMALU has 8 different configurations of length and height. This jib crane perfectly fits for load or men lifting duties at treatment plants, facilities with nearby sea coastal areas, or in any other places, where a standard  crane can’t be used. After fixation into the socket, we get a light portable jib crane with a wide variety of configurations.

All parts of the portable COMALU Jib Crane can be placed in one durable bag. Given that fact, just one person can deliver the crane, install it, mount it in the socket and start lifting operations in complete safety.

Additional mount-extender for the COMALU jib crane belongs to optional complete set and must be purchased separately!

Дополнительная опора

Before using  of a jib crane, you should make sure, that it’s firmly fixated and mounted on a proper foundation!

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